Digital Progressive Lenses

Digital Progressive Lenses FAQ

Digital progressive lenses are an upgrade to bifocal corrective lenses. At F & M Family Eyecare, we are happy to provide digital progressive lenses to those who may benefit from them in the Riverdale, GA area. Here are some common questions our patients have about digital progressive lenses. 


What Are Progressive Lenses?

Progressive lenses are an alternative to the classic bifocals, which have one prescription at the top of the lens, and another prescription on the bottom. Typically, one is for distance viewing and the other is for close-up viewing. Each section is customized based on what the patient needs.
Progressive lenses go a step further than bifocals to eliminate the divide between the different lens types. Instead, the lens shifts on a gradient from near to far capabilities. These are sometimes called trifocal lenses, and give an intermediate area of sight that can be very beneficial. 

What Does It Mean When Progressive Lens Are Digital?

Originally, progressive lenses were a bit limited due to their manufacturing requirements. The edges of the lens tended to get more distorted the further out they went, which caused issues with peripheral vision, among other things. 

Digital progressive lenses are made with more advanced techniques that reduce this distortion and allow for clear viewing in a wider area across the lens while still retaining the “trifocal” properties that make these lenses popular.

Are Digital Progressive Lenses Right for Me?

For specific eye conditions, digital progressive lenses are the most effective solution. Digital progressive lenses are a useful upgrade to anyone currently using a progressive lens because they provide the same benefits with fewer downsides. 

Are Digital Progressive Lenses More Expensive?

The cost will depend on the customization of the lens, the material, and other factors. Typically, digital progressive lenses are slightly more expensive than traditional progressive lenses. However, they make up for their higher cost through increased functionality. If you have any questions about the cost, or if digital progressive lenses may be covered under your plan, make sure you discuss this with our eye doctor.

Can You Add Other Coatings or Filters to Digital Progressive Lenses?

Yes. These lenses are compatible with UV filters, anti-reflective filters, and other additions. This allows them to provide more protection, treat additional eye conditions, and be customized according to preference. 

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If you have any further questions about digital progressive lenses or are interested in making the switch to digital progressive lenses, contact F & M Family Eyecare today! We are proud to offer quality eye care services to Riverdale, GA, and the surrounding area. Call us at (770) 996-3495 or request an appointment online today.

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