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Dr. Fred Osayi is a graduate of the New England College of Optometry, Boston, Massachusetts where he received his Doctor of Optometry degree,(O.D.) in 2004.

The New England College of Optometry is a leading educational leader in Optometry for over 100 years. While  training in Boston he engaged in clinical internship programs on the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases at the New England Eye Institute, the patient care subsidiary of The New England College of Optometry.

As part of his training, Dr Osayi had clinical rotations at the University of Maryland department of Ophthalmology and the Veterans Affairs hospital in Baltimore.

These top class training facilities gave him the very important training experience in the diagnosis and management of ocular diseases and other eye conditions. Dr. Osayi is licensed and therapeutically licensed in the state of Georgia to treat and manage ocular diseases. He is also certified by the National Board of Examiners in Optometry to practice Optometry. He employs new state of the art equipment such as the Canon CR-2 Non-Mydriatic Retinal camera, Vista Vision computerized projector and the Nidek-3D patternless edger in the diagnosis and management of various eye conditions. In addition to diagnosing and treating patients with ocular diseases and refractive errors, Dr. Osayi enjoys examining the eyes of patients with Diabetes and High blood pressure to rule out any eye complications arising from these and many other medical conditions. Dr. Osayi uses the skills he has acquired over the years to fit patient with glasses and hard to fit contact lenses. Dr. Osayi is a member of the  American Optometric Association, Cornea and Contact lens Section and Georgia Optometric Association.

Besides professional life, Dr. Osayi spends most of his time with his beautiful and lovely wife Monica, their Children, David, Amaka, Jessica and Abigail. Dr. Osayi is an evangelical Christian.

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