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Astigmatism is a common eye condition that affects one in every three people. You don’t have to fear when your eye doctor diagnoses you with this condition because it is manageable with contact lenses. Many people are born with it and only realize they have astigmatism when they notice the signs. At F & M Family Eyecare in Riverdale, we’ve helped many people with astigmatism find the correct contact lenses that fit their lifestyle. We welcome you to our optometry practice for insightful recommendations on the best contact lenses for your eyes. 

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What Is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is an eye condition that causes blurry vision. It happens when your eye lens or cornea has a distorted curve, which makes it hard to see things well. The real causes of astigmatism remain unknown, but doctors believe that many people are born with this condition. People with astigmatism often experience eye strain, headaches, blurry vision, and difficulty seeing at night.

You should visit an eye doctor immediately if you experience these signs. The eye doctor should examine your eyes to know the shape of your cornea and recommend the ideal contact lenses to improve your eyesight.

What Is The Best Treatment For Astigmatism?

Contact lenses are the most common form of treatment for astigmatism. Most people only need a single lens for the condition, but progressive or bifocal lenses may be recommended for people aged 40 and above who show signs of severe astigmatism. Sometimes, a doctor may recommend surgery to correct the shape of your cornea if it greatly affects your sight. However, eye exams are usually the starting point to identify astigmatism and the ideal treatment you need.

Types of Astigmatism Contact Lenses

There are three main types of astigmatism contact lenses.

  • Toric contact lenses – they are soft and easily rotated to fit the design of the cornea and correct the vision problem.
  • Gas permeable contact lenses - they are more rigid compared to Toric lenses. Due to their rigidity, they retain their original shape when placed in the eye.
  • Hybrid lenses - they combine the features of both Toric and gas permeable contact lenses. They are comfy and soft to offer the sharp vision needed.

Choosing the Best Astigmatism Lenses

You can choose either soft or rigid lenses. However, our eye doctor will guide you in choosing depending on the severity of astigmatism so that you can get the best corrective lenses. The lenses also come in different sizes, so we will measure the size of your cornea to help you pick contact lenses of the right size.

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If you have astigmatism, we welcome you to our family optometry center for high-quality contact lenses. We also have plenty of fashionable eyeglasses and frames for other eye conditions. Visit our clinic in Riverdale or contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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