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Astigmatism is an eye condition that can cause blurred or distorted vision due to having an irregularly shaped eye. If you have astigmatism, the lens or cornea of your eye is shaped in an improper. As light enters your eye, the shape of your cornea or lens bends it unevenly, distorting your near and far vision. Fortunately, astigmatism can be corrected through prescription eyewear. At F &M Family Eye Care, our Riverdale, GA, eye doctor can diagnose this condition and prescribe the corrective lenses you need.  


Astigmatism Causes and Symptoms

Astigmatism can affect people of all ages. It can occur alone or in conjunction with other refractive errors like myopia and hyperopia, further impairing your sight. The cause of astigmatism is having an irregularly shaped cornea or lens of your eye. This condition is somewhat common and can be hereditary. People can also develop astigmatism from an eye disease, eye injury, or eye surgery. Some common symptoms of astigmatism include:

  • Blurred or distorted vision
  • Eye discomfort/eyestrain
  • Chronic headaches
  • Squinting
  • Sensitivity to light

Our Riverdale, GA, eye doctor can diagnose astigmatism through an eye exam.

Effect of Astigmatism on Your Vision

In normal eyes, the lens and cornea are round, enabling light rays to filter evenly into the retina to provide clear sight. If you have astigmatism, light rays refract unevenly, falling short or behind the retina, due to the abnormal curve in the lens or cornea of your eye. As a result, you experience blurry vision up close and at a distance. People with astigmatism can have a hard time judging distance.   

Treatment Options for Astigmatism

The good news is that astigmatism can be corrected to improve the quality of your sight. Our Riverdale, GA, eye doctor offers different options for treating astigmatism in the form of:

Prescription eyeglasses: After performing an eye exam, our eye doctor can prescribe corrective eyeglasses to improve your sight. These glasses will refocus light rays onto the retina of your eye to provide clearer sight.

Contact lenses: We also carry specialty contacts specifically designed for people with astigmatism and can guide you to the best option for you.

See Our Riverdale, GA, Eye Doctor for Astigmatism

To schedule an appointment for diagnosis and treatment of astigmatism, contact us at F & M Family Eye Care in Riverdale, GA, at (770) 996-3495. We are here to help you get the eye care you need to function in your every day life.

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