Contact Lens Exams

At F & M Family Eyecare in Riverdale, GA, we perform contact lens exams to find the right prescription, brand, and size for your needs. Say goodbye to your glasses and let people see your beautiful eyes with a visit to our eye doctor today. We stock numerous brands of contact lenses so you are sure to find ones that fit comfortably and let you see the world clearly.


Decide If Contact Lenses Work for You

Contact lenses aren't for everyone. We understand that this is a big decision. That's why our eye doctor explains the pros and cons of wearing contacts instead of glasses. The exams for contact lenses are a little different than when you come in to get tested for prescription eyeglasses. We will explain all of the details and answer any questions you may have. Ultimately, we want you to feel happy and content with your eyewear and choose the best option that suits your health and lifestyle needs.

The Perfect Prescription

Contact lens exams are the first step to improving your eye health. You will read a standard eye chart and receive a test to find out if you have refractive errors. Our eye doctor inspects your eye shape for irregularities and may perform other diagnostic tests to determine the contact lens and eyeglass prescription that you need for optimal vision.

Contact Fittings From Our Eye Doctor

Some patients have unique needs. Our eye doctor specializes in contact lenses. If you have dry eye, we might recommend scleral lenses. These lenses cover your cornea, resting on the white parts of the eye. They reduce dryness and pressure on the cornea and provide clear vision without glasses.

Your eye doctor may recommend rigid gas permeable lenses. These comfortable contact lenses allow air to flow over the eye. Custom soft lenses come in every power and size imaginable. If you have nearsighted and farsighted vision or astigmatism, the eye doctor may recommend these lenses as an option.

Are you looking for an eye makeover? Choose from our selection of colorful contacts that give you a new look.

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At F & M Family Eyecare in Riverdale, GA, our eye doctor provides contact lens exams for teens and adults. Come to us for all your vision needs. If you are curious about contact lenses, schedule a consultation to discuss your options. Call us today at (770) 996-3495 to schedule an appointment.

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