Designer Frames

Choosing Your Glasses Frames

If you need vision correction, wearing glasses is a fashionable choice. Glasses have never been as stylish as they are right now, and we have a full showroom of frames that will allow you to pick just the right pair for your face shape, budget, and style. After your appointment with our optometrist at F & M Family Eye Care in Riverdale, GA, it's easy to choose your frames and order your lenses all right here.


Designer Glasses Frames

Why do people choose designer glasses frames? Because they look great! Designer frames are often made from a higher quality of material to match the designer's name on the frames. Designer frames are made by some of the hottest names in fashion today. It's easy to see just how fashionable these designer accessories are by visiting our showroom.

Facial Harmony

Glasses are an important tool for correcting your vision, but they are so much more than that. As something that you wear every day, your own style should be considered when choosing your frames. When you are choosing your frames, make sure to consider the overall shape of your face as well as your personal style and fashion preferences.

Choosing frames in your favorite color is a fun way to accessorize with that color, but it's also important to pay attention to the shape of the frames. From triangular to oval to round to square glasses frames, some shapes can help your face to look more harmonious. The first step is to assess your face shape. Then, look for shapes that will balance out that shape. For instance, a face with a larger forehead and a small chin can be well balanced by choosing frames that are wider at the bottom end. We can help you find frames in our showroom that are just the right shape for your features. Our experienced staff members can evaluate your face shape and help you pick just the right designer frames to go with it.

Visit Your Optometrist for Glasses

When you need glasses, choose an optometrist’s office that stocks designer frames as well as provides thorough eye exams. Our frames can fit your budget, your lifestyle and your face shape all in the one perfect set of frames. Call F & M Family Eye Care in Riverdale, GA, today at (770) 996-3495 to schedule an appointment.

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