Pediatric Eye Exams

Regular Eye Exams Apply to Kids Too

General pediatrics is not a substitute for children's eye exams and full vision evaluations. At F & M Family Eye Care Our pediatric eye doctor has the training, expertise, and equipment to produce a comprehensive understanding of your child’s vision. This includes tracking appropriate vision development as a child grows as well as spotting any issues that need correction early. A typical eye doctor visit for a child will include a full assessment of visual skills and capabilities, accurate eye response to stimuli, focus and detail ability, and an evaluation of behavior that could be harmful to vision development if not moderated.


School Vision Exams

Many parents rely on annual vision screenings performed at school to notify them of any vision problems. After all, who’s going to notice a vision problem faster than teachers working with kids every day or a school check already designed to look for problems? However, school vision screenings do not check for specific problems. It generally tests the ability to focus from a distance as well as read. However, there are hundreds of additional issues that can occur in a child that an eye doctor will easily catch that will not be detected by a simple vision screening.

Regularity is Key

Children develop quickly. Up until three years of age, we recommend visiting our pediatric eye doctor every six months. At age three and first grade, follow-up visits should be scheduled if issues haven’t appeared otherwise. These visits are an ideal opportunity to let our eye doctor know of any issues that seem to be occurring. Common symptoms tend to include an inability to focus, excessive blinking, rubbing of the eye, and poor ability to track moving objects. Our pediatric eye doctor will assess your child’s vision to determine whether or not they are experiencing an eye issue and provide the corresponding treatment. If your child needs eyeglasses or contacts, we will recommend the perfect pair considering your child’s condition, lifestyle, and personal fashion preferences.  

Pediatric Optometrist in Riverdale, GA

When it comes to treating pediatric eye issues, early detection and prompt treatment are key. Fortunately, our optometrist has years of experience providing residents of Riverdale, GA with reliable eye care services. For more information on pediatric optometry or to schedule an appointment with our optometrist, call F & M Family Eyecare today at (770) 996-3495.

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